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Germany’s Passport tops out with highest ranking for the year 2017 . Courtesy: YouTube.  Click here ===>

UK to ease visa rules for international students.
Further details would probably be available on Jan 11 2018. Courtesy: Geo-News. Click Here ===>

HEC recently bans 5 private institutes in Pakistan.

According to Higher Education Commission, another 5 private degree awarding institute have been banned by HEC (Higher Education Commission) in Islamabad. Click Here ===>

1)  Alkhair University AJK.
2)  Preston Institute of Management Sciences and Technology (PIMSAT).
3)  Sindh Institute of Management & Technology.
4) Imperial College of Business Studies Lahore.
5) Global Institute Lahore.

World Bank: Pakistan must float US$ 31 Billion to meet the foreign financial obligations by the end of this year or become Bankrupt. Courtesy/Express Tribune==>(click here)

USA visas issuance rate hit the lowest ever margin for Pakistani citizens during Trump Administration’s first year. Courtesy: Express Tribune ===>(Click here)

German Elections: Iron Lady Angela Merkel won the 4th consecutive term as a Chancellor of German Federal Republic (Courtesy: Dawn News: 24/09/2017) =======> (Click here)

Qatar announces free tourist visa on arrival (VOA) to Pakistani citizens for 30 days extendable to 30 days further
(Courtesy: Business Recorder: 19/09/2017) ===> (Click here)

Pakistan may be the next target for Trump’s US Government latest visa ban on seven Muslim states:(Courtesy: Express Tribune) ======>(Click here)

The US Consulate in Karachi would might limit its current visa operations.
Karachi: January 26, 2017: Under the Obama Administration recently … the US Consulate in Karachi has already started strictly streamlining its visa operations even long before the newly elected President Donald Trump was supposed to take oath of his designation to enter in the Whitehouse.  The Euro Research & Investigation Team (E.R.I.T) carried out several interviews of number of Pakistani US visa applicants who recently approached Euro Consultants to discuss their refusals on different US visa categories … most commonly the B1/B2 five years multiple tourist one.
These visa applicants told E.R.I.T that the visa officers at US Consulate in Karachi are asking for all kinds of documents such as employment / business letters and the bank statements unlike before.  Not only that … they have also increased the interview assessment slice time from mere 3-5 minutes per visa applicant to even 10-15 minutes or even more 

What is even more alarming is that the current visa issuance ratio at the US Consulate Karachi has gone down to the all time low beginning January 2017 and almost came back to the same level that was observed in the post 09/11 scenario when fewer Pakistani visa applicants were allowed tourist and student non immigrant visas to travel to the USA.

“He (the US visa officer) did not ask for anything when I went for my first ever interview to obtain tourist visa two months back the last time  I got refused… Just couple of general inquiry questions and that’s about it”: Said one of refused Pakistani US visa applicant on the basis of his / her anonymity…” But this time … she (the US  visa officer) asked me for my bank statement … about my employment letter … you name it and yet I was refused again.”

It is now being speculated and the rumors are in the air that if the same situation prevails for long time then naturally the number of Pakistani visa applicants applying for US visas in different categories may go down gradually as well just as in the case of UK visit / student visas for Pakistani applicants.  That … in turn … would most probably limit visa operations  at the US Consulate Karachi in the near future as well.  That  as a result would might compel the US Consulate Karachi to redirect its US visa operations in Karachi back to US Embassy in Islamabad as it was in the past.

Good news for Tier-1, Tier2, Tier-4 & Tier-5 refused visa applicants. beginning April 06 2015, all the administrative reviews on the above mentioned visa point based system categories would be processed by the UKBF home office at Sheffield in UK instead of local UK embassies abroad for the sake of transparency. Please wait for further details to come and for further confirmation (06-10-2015)

New unannounced shocking and dangerously alarming policy of UKBF for Pakistani visa applicants: “Refuse most of all those family visit visa applicants who previously were granted visas on appeals even if they did abide by the immigration rules as far as temporary leave to remain in the UK is concerned”. ===>(Click Here)

UKBF further toughens Tier-4 visas from august 2015 and onward ===>(Click Here)

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No UK Tier-4 student visas are being issued in Pakistan on loan letters / running finance (RF) anymore

Good news for candidates seeking A1 & B1 English language qualifications.
Beginning April 06, 2015, UKBF approves new & easier IELTS test versions as SELT (Secured English Language Test) 

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With PM David Cameroon back in the government, the chaos and panic continue to haunt international education sector, more than ever, in the UK as the income from international students takes a full nose dive from a record £ 45 billion in 2009 to mere £ 7 billion in 2015. Click here for further news. (Courtesy: ICEF Monitor / 13-05-2015)

The UK government has announced a series of amendments to its immigration rules, Most of the changes will begin to come into effect in April 2015. Click here for details.