Study in Azerbaijan

Why Study in Azerbaijan?

Azerbaijan is an extremely oil and gas-rich state with ever growing vibrant and strong economy and its capital Baku is called “Second Dubaiof near future.  Geographically Azerbaijan stays at the left edge of Caspian Sea just beneath Russia on its’ North, Georgia bordering on its’ North-West region, Armenia on its’ East and Iran bordering south.

The capital Baku is a Megapolitan city with full tourist attraction with its’ heart throbbing beauty overlooking sky scrappers equally blended with historic building and monuments.  Superb and economical transportation system including underground railways and European style night life. Zero crime rate,  Well behaved, well mannered and generally educated public with full religious tolerance and no racism at all towards minorities or foreigners even being a Muslim majority state.  Not even a common policeman in capital Baku is seen carrying any weapons.

Official Currency:

Azerbaijani Manat > 1.00 Manat = Pak Rs. 93.00

USD 1.00 = 1.70 Azerbaijani Manat

For a short tour to Baku Azerbaijan, city of lights.  Click here===>

Very Economical as far as its’ state of the art Institutions are concerned which are fully recognized through out the world.

No IELTS required for foundation language courses such as Azerbaijani / English / German / Russian  

Duration of language courses are 6 months to one year.

No Bank Statement required.

Authorized Work: Allowed.

Pay all the tuition fees in USD upon arrival at capital Baku. 

Electronic Visa issued directly from Baku online in only within 3 to 5 days depending upon the readiness of documents and approval of the case.

No Embassy call or visa interview.

Visa issuance rate= 99.99%

Minimum Qualification Intermediate (up to 12th grade) or O/A Levels.

Maximum Age: 30 years.

Further information please contact us at +92 (0)333-225-8923 or fill out contact form given below on home page or contact us at

No walk-in clients allowed as meeting strictly on appointments only.

Dependent candidates are strictly advised to bring their parents or guardians only.

Last Edited: 10/07/2019