Study in the UK

There are several reasons as to why one should opt primarily for UK study as far as higher education abroad is concerned:

  1. The educational standard in UK is higher and regarded both competitive and compatible as far as any other country in the world is concerned.
  2. The UK degrees in various disciplines are preferred for most of the jobs in various government as well as private sector in Pakistan with better career prospects and lucrative salaries.
  3. Getting admission and student visa procedures are still easy as compare to many other countries such as Australia, Canada, New Zealand and USA.
  4. Although the over and all UK student visa ratio is almost 50% up from 30% recently for Pakistani students, it however depends upon one’s eligibility in terms of academic qualifications, finances, documentation and  interview preparation when it comes to wining a student visa to an absolute 100% visa issuance ratio and we at Euro can do that.
  5. You can study in UK after FSc / HSC to foundation leading to Bachelor degree
  6. You can study in UK without IELTS in some cases. (We will guide you )
  7. You can study in UK just after O levels in some universities with an average to lower grades.
  8. You can study in UK with scholarship. (We will guide you )
  9. With 2 years B-Com qualifications from Pakistan, there are Universities in the UK who can offer a direct 3rd year “Top-up” to finish your UK undergraduate degree in just one year.
  10. Euro Education is among the pioneers as “Study in UK consultants.”.

Last updated: 24/03/2019