Appeal vs. Visa Refusals:

An appeal is defined as a do process in which a request is filed against the grounds of refusal by, or on behalf of visa applicant if he/she rationally or wisely feels that the outcome of his/her visa application was not satisfactory without going into a fresh visa application process further.

Although most of the countries, specially in EU or Schengen area, do allow the right of Appeal in different visa categories such as visit, student spouse, immigration or work, there may be a difference of policies of adopting standard operating procedures while lodging an appeal to the prescribed authorities by the visa section of High Commission, Embassy Foreign Mission or a Consulate of a country where the visa was applied for.

Usually, it is stated at the end of the refusal notice as to whether an appeal is allowed with a certain deadline of say 28 days, a month or two from the date the refusal letter or notice of refusal was served upon or there is no right of appeal at all to begin with.

In such cases, where there is no right of appeal, a request for review can be lodged with a fresh visa application stating the satisfactory explanation vs. the grounds of refusal.

Administrative Review:

UK is the only country in Europe where an administrative review can be filed within 28 days of deadline on all Tier-1 Tier-2 Tier-4 and Tier-5 related Point Based System (P.B.S) visa refusals.

UK used to allow appeal on family visit visa applications, however, that right was abolished back in July 2012.  A review however can be filed with a fresh visa application whereas right of appeal is still allowed on spouse visa applications for the UK.

Last updated: Sunday 18-10-2020