Turkish Immigration:

Why Turkey:

Situated at the junction of Euro-Asian continent with the total population of 82 million people as of the year 2019, Turkey is friendly state when it comes to its nation.  Extremely beautiful by its God gifted nature.  Very rich by its culture and heritage.  Also it is sufficiently modernized to be living there comfortably with one of the best transport and mass transit system in the world. When it comes to world’s top 10 travel destinations, Turkey is there to welcome more than 35 million tourists every year from all over the world.

With GDP growth rate amounting to grew 6.1% in 2015,Turkey still has a GDP per capita of $27,000 as of 2017, Turkey is the world’s 7th best place to live and work for immigrants: Courtesy:  HSBC Expat Explorer report.

Turkey now invites foreign families from all over the world to buy Real Estate worth US$ 250,000 and get the Turkish Passport for entire families in just 90 days.

Benefits of Investment by Turkish Citizenship Program ($250,000)

  1. Fast Tracked Citizenship
  2. Free Education System
  3. Excellent Healthcare Facilities
  4. No Residency Requirements
  5. High Quality of Life and Safe Environment
  6. Visa-free Travel to 115 Countries
  7. Entire Family Eligible
  8. Dual Citizenship Allowed
  9. No IELTS, No Language Test
  10. No Age Limit,
  11. No Education Requirement
  12. No Business Background Required

For further info please contact our Immigration Coordinator Mrs. Anum Omair at 00 92 (0) 335-2299017.

Please note that only serious clients are entertained.