Why Live & Work as Registered Nurse in the UK?

Amidst Covid-19 Novel Corona Pandemic, the UK Health Minister has announced the expected opening of 50,000 Registered Nurses (RN) and health Professional.  At the same time the NHS chief has requested the UK universities and the health institutions to immediately increase the intake of health professionals,  specially Male and Female Registered Nurses (RNs)  because of  demand caused by enormous shortage due to Covid-19 Corona Virus.

UK initially needs at least  a work force 10,000 qualified Registered Nurses from Non EU area  by the end of the year 2020 in order to fight Covid -19 Pandemic.  Although there is a huge demand of these health professionals, meeting the criteria to become a Registered Health Professional in the UK is a challenging task indeed.


Candidates must have:

Three years of Diploma or 4 years of Degree in Nursing / Midwifery.

Qualified candidates within their relevant fields.

Must be registered in the above mentioned profession within their own country.

Must be healthy and medically fit.

Must have proven track of work experiences in related field.

Must have an English proficiency to academic IELTS band 7.0 or O.E.T to a B grade (The option is wide open to take it in the UK as well provided that the English proficiency is at appropriate and fluent level)

Send your CV and or other academic or work experience credentials at:


Please declare Nurses or other health related professionals for UK on subject clause while emailing.

Appointments only on phone calls that is 00 92  (0)333 225 8923

No walk-in clients are entertained at all as per company policy.