Due to new policy enforced by Canadian Government / Immigration Department to include Pakistani students in Student Direct Stream (S.D.S) student visa program as of 27/07/2019, our website for this web page has now been going through some important changes.

We are sorry for any inconvenience caused. However further information can be obtained by calling us at 00 92 (0) 333 225 8923 or email us at info@euroconst.com

Please rest assured that the Canadian government’s recent decision to ease the process of student visa regime for Pakistani students to obtain the visa decision in 20 days does not necessarily mean that the visa ratio may be doubled or tripled.  Hence the Pakistani student visa applicants are requested to keep one thing in consideration that the primary requirements such as qualifications and the grades, finances / funds and their sources added with IELTS and social / family binding requirements to the country of origin still remain the same.