Why study & work in Turkey:

(Corona Virus Free Environment)

Stern warning for non-serious or non-genuine students or any such type of visa candidates.

Please also make sure that the visa issuance ratio of any country, for any session or academic year, is always subject to uncertain and enormous fluctuation, either upwards or downwards, pertaining to the current social or economical circumstances of a country from where the student visa applicant is applying from.  Hence any Educational Consultants who guarantees that the visa is absolutely guaranteed is not a genuine educational consultants. 

Euro Educational Consultants always strive harder to make sure that we do not fall short to provide the necessary information the candidates needs for different countries we extend our services for.

While and although morally, we do not expect all of our query candidates to get registered with us against their will, however we strictly and firmly expect candidates to abide by their appointments and always inform us at least 3-5 hours in prior if they want us to either cancel or postpone their appointments due to any unforeseen circumstances.   

Failing to offer such courtesy from their part would ultimately lead us to declare them as non-genuine or non-serious candidates.  This  unfortunately, in turn, would lead us not to entertain them for any further appointments in the future.

Please note that at Euro Education, we take follow-ups on missing visa queries only and do not motivate our staff for unnecessary follow-ups once a visitor has initiated his / her first appointment.

The universities in Turkey offer short courses from six months to one year Turkish Language course for foreign students abroad.

  1. Swift Admission Process in 3 Weeks.
  2. No IELTS required.
  3. High Visa Ratio.
  4. Courses offered in English medium.
  5. Low Bank Statement even up to one month (Financial sponsor with no immediate blood relationship required).
  6. Although the part time work is allowed, there are no strict rules for working full time during study term.


(Web page last updated: 01-01-2022)