Colleges on the course to financial disaster


(Click here for a fresh column by Mark Easton from BBC news / Thursday, 17 March 2011).

New and tougher Tier-4 student visa policy changes are to be implemented by UKBA that might would include the following steps:

  1. Enforce UK institutions to require foreign students to pay the full amount of course for one year at the minimum. OR
  2. Enforce UK institutions to require foreign students to pay the full amount of entire course at the minimum. OR
  3. Abolishing loan letter or running finance facility as a show money.
  4. Increasing 28 days holding time period of a personal bank statement to minimum 90 days or may be more.
  5. Making IELTS mandatory to minimum of 5.5 bandwidth for an assessment, as in Australian student visa system, and that would include minimum IELTS requirement for all NQF levels above 5 as well. The candidate would also require to obtain a minimum bandwidth of 5.5 in all 4 components of IELTS.
  6. Gradually decreasing the numbers of private colleges in UK over the period of one year to less than half by only authorizing government / public funded colleges / universities to have foreign students who would be allowed to work while studying in UK. This clearly means that the foreign student from non-EU states would not be allowed to work at all if they choose privately funded colleges for study in UK.
  7. Enforcement of all of the steps together as mentioned above.

ECO’s / Visa Officer’s Comments for a visa refusal:

UK Universities, Specially Highly-Trusted and A-Rated Colleges are on the course to financial disaster. Thanks to UK Prime Minister David Cameroon Government’s harsh Immigration Policies.

Since 2011 until today, almost 50% students from India & 49% students from Pakistan have decided not to opt for UK to go for Higher Studies amid extremely hostile immigration environment in UK.

While the the education institutes in Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Cyprus, Malaysia, Singapore, USA etc. keep on thriving on foreign students, UK now considered to be the most unstable, unpredictable and hostile student visa regime in the world.

“Indian & Pakistani Students are not welcome …” A clear “read-between-the-lines” message from David Cameroon Government.

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