Germany Work Permit.

Live and work in Germany.

  • Minimum Qualifications: Intermediate (H.S.C) / D.A.E.(Matric can also be considered with B Grade Min)
  • Minimum to Maximum Age: 18-40 years.
  • Working Experience: Preferred but not necessary.
  • Processing time: 10-30 days depending as to whether his academics are already attested by IBCC / HEC /MOFA or still needed for attestation.


  1. The candidate will fly to Baku Azerbaijan to join the institute to qualify the B1 level German language course.
  2. Once qualified and having passed the B1 German language exam, the authorities in Baku Azerbaijan will cater his offer from a vocational institute in Germany in the trades /categories as given below.
  3. The candidate will then be required to appear for an interview at the German Embassy in Baku Azerbaijan to qualify for a D category long-term Schengen visa to Federal Republic of Germany.
  4. Once qualified for the German Schengen visa, the candidate would fly to Germany to join for his two years training for Disciplines as given below with 900 Euros per month scholarship.
  5. Upon the completion of 2 years training, the candidate would be offered a job starting from 1,400.00 Euros /month with a temporary to permanent resident status in Germany FDR.
  6. For those candidates who have already qualified for A1, A2 and even B1 level German language courses may contact us at Euro Education Consultants.
  7. (appointment through contact form or / +92 0333 2258923)

Please note that as a part of our firm’s policy we, at Euro Education Consultants, do not entertain the walk-in clients at all and under no circumstances without any prior appointment on the telephone / cellular phone unless if it is a real deadline related urgency.

Germany needs the low to high skilled or unskilled candidates in the following trades / categories:

1.Work with Metals
Shortage of personnel in professions related to metal.  First of all, there are not enough qualified metal cutting workers, metal fabrication technologists, welders, tool mechanics.
2. Electronic automation
Professions that involve working with automated control systems are also on the positive list.  Locksmith – Mechatronics (mechanic, electrical engineer, specialist in electronics and microelectronics, electrical appliances and machines), industrial technologist – these firms are allowed to invite German firms from countries outside the EU.
3. Construction
Because of the construction boom, Germany is actively attracting overseas monitoring specialists at construction sites, tile, parquet, stone, carpenters, roofing and blind installation specialists.  Also, there are not enough specialists in underground construction works, canal construction and tunneling, asphalt laying workers, rail tracks.
4. Plumbing, heating, ventilation
We need specialists in the installation and operation of heating systems, internal plumbing devices, air conditioning and ventilation, technologists working with electronic automation systems for refrigeration units, masters in laying fireplaces and stoves, tinsmiths, plumbers.
5. Transport industry
There are not enough drivers and drivers of freight transport, maintenance technicians for vehicles, specialists in body repair, working with metal structures in the field of construction and trucks, as well as mechanics – agricultural technicians.
6. Medicine
Surgical nurses and nurses are urgently needed in the areas of emergency medical care, intensive care, geriatrics, oncology, nephrology, palliative medicine or rehabilitation.  There are not enough midwives, physiotherapists and pediatricians, specialists in the manufacture of prosthetic and orthopedic, rehabilitation and hearing technology in Germany.
7. Info-Communication and IT
Jobs remain long unoccupied in the field of information and communication technologies.  We need specialists in electronics and communication systems, specialists in information systems, electrical technicians.  Another sought-after profession from a positive list is software developers.