Germany Job Seeker Visa Alert for Pakistani Applicants: (Updated on 27-11-2022)

Please note that Euro Education is currently not offering any services in German Job Seeker Visa Category for two main reasons:

  1. Non availability of appointments for doc submissions and interview at German Embassy and Consulate General based in Islamabad and Karachi respectively.

  2. Extremely low visa ratio down from 70% to almost 20%.

Germany Needs 400,000 (Skilled) Migrants Every year. Courtesy: Handelsblatt Global  Click here ===>

Difference between Germany and Pakistan (Must watch this video click here) / Courtesy YouTube.

Currently … as a fourth largest economy in the world and the leading economy in the European sector, Germany has a net annual GDP of US$ 3400 billion, it has US$ 2100 billion worth of net international export volume.  Germany currently has approximately US$ 203 billion in its foreign reserves and its annual per capita income is US$ 41,178.  It’s passport is in Top 1 in world ranking for the year 2017 as well. (Courtesy Passport Power Rank) in the world with Singapore next to it in the same category with 158 visa free countries..

Minimum Qualifications Required:

MBA/MCom//MSc/BS/BCS/BE/BBA … that is … min 16 years of academic qualifications from any HEC approved institution from Pakistan or any foreign qualifications equivalent to that with minimum 1 year professional related work experience
Visa Processing time:5-6 months
Visa type: Work / D Multiple Category Schengen / Lon-term visa
Place of visa issuance: Embassy / Consulate of German Federal Republic Karachi / Islamabad
Validity 6 months with an extension to six months further leading to PR.
Max age limit to apply for : 45 years
IELTS with minimum 5.5 bands only or A1 level German Language course CEFR.
70%-90% Success rate / 100% for Engineers with 4 years BE/BS/BCS degree in any Cadre other than Civil Engineering.
The Work Permit is extendable and transferable to Permanent Residence (PR) in Germany as per German Immigration Rules.
Please send us your CV and transcripts copies to:

Germany Needs Software Developers:

Currently, Germany needs the highest numbers of all types of software developers (click here on  with minimum 16 years of professional education, that is, an equivalence of a minimum 4 years of bachelor degree … a must from HEC recognized university in Pakistan.  no need to have German language requirements for software developers in Germany since German language is not a barrier for finding software developer’s / computer programmer’s related jobs as English in this cadre is an informal medium (click here on quora official blog).  a minimum over and all bandwidth of 5.5 – 6.0 on general training IELTS is more than enough whereas the countries like Australia and Canada need at least 7.5 to 8.0 bands in IELTS to qualify for work permit visa leading to tr, pr and ultimately a  citizenship.

If you have been refused for Job-Seeker visa for Germany with in last 3 months or so, please contact us through following emails and we would file Appeal or Remonstrance for you.  Please do not forget to mention German JSV visa refusal on the subject of the email

No cellular or telephonic contacts please as we would contact you our-selves within 7-10 days.