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The current ominous financial situation of our country, particularly its educational sector, which is at the helm, requires every third student to seek study abroad at most economical budget including partial or full scholarships.

Similarly, the ever deteriorating and vulnerable economical situation in Pakistan now requires almost every household in middle to lower class to have at least one person migrate and work abroad in order to make sure his / her family back home survives mainly on him / her.

With over 25 years of professional expertise in immigration, education abroad services and scholarships, you can tell your desired destination and we can help you reach out there.. Our wide-ranging services include career counselling, document assessment, admission-processing and visa file compilation including interview preparation either from the related university or from the embassy, streamlining of all related documents, testimonials and final document submission to the embassy or consulate general of your desired country.

For better, prominent and successful future to embark upon, please contact the Euro Educational Consultants.

We are specialized in processing fresh visas and visa refusal cases for countries like the Canada, UK, USA and all of the European / Schengen countries.

Come, visit us and witness the evidence with our professionalism yourself.

Please call us or leave message at 00 92(0) 333 225 8923 (WhatsApp as well) / 0315 2111 242 or email us at:  consultants.euro@gmail.com for any sort of visa query.

It is our strict policy not to entertain any walk-in clients without appointments.

Euro Education does not entertain the walk-in clients at all and under any circumstances without any prior appointment on the telephone / cellular phone unless if it is a real deadline related urgency.  Because we believe from our 25 years of professional experience that a walk-in client is neither a serious client nor he / she is a genuine one. In other words, such students or candidates are regarded as only “TIME PASS” students.

Caution for non-serious or non-genuine students or any such type of visa candidates.

Euro Educational Consultants always strive harder to make sure that we do not fall short to provide the necessary information the candidates needs for different countries we extend our services for.

While and although morally, we do not expect all of our query candidates to get registered with us against their will, however we strictly and firmly expect candidates to abide by their appointments and always inform us at least 3-5 hours in prior if they want us to either cancel or postpone their appointments due to any unforeseen circumstances.  

Failing to offer such courtesy from their part would ultimately lead us to declare them as non-genuine or non-serious candidates.  This  unfortunately, in turn, would lead us not to entertain them for any further appointments in the future.

Please note that at Euro Education, we take follow-ups on missing visa queries only and do not motivate our staff for unnecessary follow-ups once a visitor has initiated his / her first appointment.

Euro Consultants consultants.euro@gmail.com


(Updates as of 17-01-2024)

Study PhD in New Zealand from Pakistan:

Study PhD in New Zealand with family PR. No classrooms. No Class Work. Just thesis preparation.
Click here ===>

Updates as of 15-01-2024

Study visas for Germany are now open for September 2024 intake.  For further info, please click here ===>.

Updates as of 10-01-2024

Visit visa for Schengen from Pakistan

We provide full facilitation in Schengen visa cases for Germany and Italy for Sindh-Balochistan region.

Updates as of 01-01-2024

Caution: Euro Education Consultants is currently not providing any advice for study in Italy to the Intermediate Pre medical students with or without gap bearing any percentage who are looking for medical or semi medical fields in their post medical domain to study Bachelor courses in Italy.

Updates as of 07-12-2023

Visit visa from Pakistan to UK :
Please note that those UK visit visa applicant(s) who feel that their visa applications were refused without solid justification within the last three months from their date of refusal, they can get our  assistance in reviewing their visa application and get their initial outcome in 30 days maximum without filing the fresh visa application all over again.  Call us or drop the message to call us at +923332258923 / WhatsApp for further info

برائے مہربانی برطانیہ آنے کے خواہش مند وہ درخواست گزار جو ٹورسٹ وزٹ , فیملی وزٹ , بزنس وزٹ یا شارٹ ٹرم یا لانگ ٹرم اسٹڈی وزٹ پر برطانیہ انا چاہتے تھے اور وہ یہ سمجھتے ہیں کہ ان کی درخواست غلط طور پر رد کردی گئی ھے تو وہ ریجیکشن کے تین مہینے کے اندر بغیر فریش ایپلیکیشن دییے دوبارہ اپلائی کر سکتے ہیں۔ اور ایک مہینے میں جواب حاصل کریں شکریہ.. مزید معلومات کے لیے ہم سے رابطہ کریں۔ یا بہتر ھے کے ہمارا انکوائری فارم بھریں یا واٹس ایپ پر  00923332258923 پر میسج ڈراپ کریں۔

Updates as of 01-12-2023

Stern Warning for “Study In Italy” Students 2023 / 2024:

The bank Statement must not be lesser than six month under any circumstances after June 30 2024 and should be properly maintained.  That means your bank account should be six month old and for that, the maintenance should start before or on Jan 01, 2024. For further info on any financial guidance, please contact us at our cell # 0333-2258923 or leave voice / text note on WhatsApp.

Updates as of 07-10-2023

Study in South Korea as a best and most economical option for intermediate / DAE / O&A level qualifications with 50% to 100% Scholarships and one of the highest visa ratios for Pakistani students ===> Click Here for more info

Study in Italy for September 2024 intake: 

Admissions have already begun for Public Universities from November 2023 for September 2024 intake.

Caution:   Since it is a well known fact that because of its most economic and hence affordable tuition fee, frequent availability of scholarships, highest visa ratio and state of the art public institutions, Italy is the most demanding destination for international students all over the world and specially from Pakistan.

Therefore, the candidates who specially possess CGPA below 2.7 must start applying for different disciplines specially in Master degrees to the Public Universities by now as several Public Universities have already open their application sessions from November 01, 2023 for September 2024 intake ==> click here for more details..

Updates as of 01-10-2023

Looking for better opportunities to work abroad. Work in Malaysia: ==> Click here for details.

Updates as of 06-10-2023

What is a motivational Letter or a Statement of purpose ?  How this tool can help you securing the admission in one of the best institutions of the world?

Updates as of 03-09-2023

Visitors can continue to apply for work permits inside Canada with temporary policy extended by 2 years till Feb 28, 2025 (Courtesy IRCC). Click here ===>

Updates as of 15-08-2023

Those students willing to study abroad in any country such as Australia, Italy (or any other Schengen country), UK,  USA  but have severe problems with their financial funding, maintenance or sponsorships, please call us manually or leave a message on WhatsApp to call at 00 92 333 2258923 for free, accurate and useful advisory.

(Latest Updates as of 28-06-2023)

1) Study MBBS/MD in one of the best and State of the Art Russian Universities. Click here ==>


2) Also study the Russian Language for one year as a pathway to “Learn and Earn” in Russia Click here ==> 

(Updates as of 05-05-2023)

Minimum requirement for “O” levels qualified  candidate to get admission directly into an undergraduate program without foundation in USA. Click here ===>

(Latest Updates as of 20-07-2022)

We facilitate processing of all kinds of US non Immigrant visas for example B1/B2, F1 (Student-Visas) and others to our client’s “absolute and best satisfaction from professional documentation to the availability of interview appointment and final submission.

We also facilitate processing German Visit / Student non Immigrant visas cases  both for Karachi and Islamabad visa sections to our client’s “absolute and best satisfaction from professional documentation to the availability of interview appointment and final submission.”

Please bring your own admissions from German  Institutions / Universities.

Please contact us at Euro at 00 92 333 225 8923 (WhatsApp as well) or fill out and send a query form given in contact section for an appointment.

Interview waivers on certain categories of Non-Immigrant visa  announced by the State Department in USA effective January 01, 2022:

Courtesy: State.Travel.gov  Click here >>

Please note that there are two major factors in making sure that the chances for obtaining US B1/B2 5 years multiple visit visa are more than 90%. (1) Your international traveling history. (2) Your utmost confidence while physically appearing for visa interview at US Embassy or Consulate.  To learn more: Contact us at 0333-225 8923 at Euro.

(Latest as of 15-02-2022)

Those students willing to study abroad in any country but have severe problems with their financial funding, maintenance or sponsorships, please call us manually or through WhatsApp at 00 92 333 2258923 for free, accurate and useful advisory.

Beginning  Dec 01, 2020,   all  student  planning  to  take  up  to  6 months of English language course, will only be requiring six months multiple C Category visit visa to the UK with the minimum qualification of matriculation S.S.C with considerable gap (Please contact us for further updates).

Currently, UKVI is not conducting any initial interviews for Tier-4 (General) student visas category at any of it’s Gerry’s UK visa centers in Pakistan. (Latest update Sept 01, 2020)

From August 05, 2020, UK extends Shortage Occupation list for Health Care Workers / Professionals needed from abroad (Courtesy: workpermit.com) click here