UK Student Visa Refusals

Refusal -01:
“You are applying to study in the UK for up to 11 months at Edington School. However, the onus is on you to qualify for entry clearance based on your own circumstances and intentions.”

Refusal -02:
“You state in your visa application that you are enrolled / accepted on a UK course and that your parents have already paid the full tuition fees and have paid advance for the accommodations. However, the documents that you have provided do not demonstrate that you have been accepted or are enrolled in a course in the UK. I note you have provided a document showing that your Immigration Health Surcharge has been paid and also documents showing evidence of schooling in your home country, however, these do not demonstrate you are enrolled in a course of study in the UK. As such, I am not satisfied that you have been accepted on a course of study, which is to be provided by an accredited institution, and your application is therefore refused under paragraph A57E(a).”

Refusal -03:
“You are applying to study Marketing and Brand Management at the University of Birmingham. The tuition fees this course are 12,560 PKR. In your interview, when asked what you expect your salary to be upon your return to Pakistan, you said: “After having British degree a person can have a starting salary of 100,000 Pakistan Rupees per month, this is what I expect to get.” Including maintenance costs of 9,135 GBP, the total cost of your proposed study is 21,695 GBP and your expected monthly income following your study is 100,000 PKR (515 GBP at an exchange rate of 1 GBP = 194 PKR) per month. The cost of your study is therefore equivalent to three and half years of expected income. I do not find your proposed outlay to be commensurate with your expected future income and this leads me to doubt your credibility.”

Refusal -04:
You have applied for the University of Manchester to pursue your Master degree in Cyber Security.  However during the course of your interview, when you were asked about the purpose of your pursuing this degree in the UK, you simply responded: “Because this course is not offered in Pakistan.”  Furthermore, you were unable to convince me as to what are you going to achieve after this and what were your future plans after the completion of this course.  This tends me to believe that you are not a genuine student to begin with.”


Refusal -05:
“You have claimed 30 points for your CAS. However the City and Guilds English certificate you have provided with your application, as one of the specified documents noted on your CAS, has been confirmed as non genuine by the provider. This means I am not satisfied you have provided the specified documents as required under Appendix A of the immigration Rules.  I am therefore not satisfied that you achieved 30 points under Appendix A and meet the requirements for entry clearance as a Tier 4 (General) Student. I therefore refuse your application under paragraph 245ZV (b) of the Immigration Rules.  Note: if you intend to apply again you will need a new Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies.   You have provided an English certificate purportedly issued by City and Guilds with you application. However checks with the provider have confirmed it was not issued by them. I am therefore satisfied you have provided a false document and false information with your application now. 320(7A)  I am therefore satisfied as a result that your application now has fallen for refusal under the general grounds of refusal. 245ZV(a).”

Refusal -06:
“I have considered your application and circumstances in the round, including the fact that you have been issued with a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies, in accordance with published guidance. However, I am not satisfied on the balance of probabilities that you are a genuine student.”

Refusal -07:
“The total cost of your study, being 21,695 GBP, is equivalent to over 28 months of your Father’ stated income of 150,000 PKR (772 GBP). I also note that you have stated that, including your Father, four people are dependent on this income. I do not that the cost of you proposed study is commensurate with you or your financial sponsor’s current financial circumstances. This leads me to doubt your credibility further.”

Refusal -08:
“Given the significant cost of studying in the UK, it is not unreasonable to expect a genuine student to have sounds reasons for studying in the UK, especially when abandoning studies in Pakistan in favor of studying in the UK.”

“All of the above undermines your credibility as a student now and means that I am not satisfied you are genuine student. Your application is therefore refused under paragraph 245ZV(k) of the Immigration Rules.”


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