Just in  (01/11/2023):

Upon CIMEA submission; although IELTS  requirement for this year (2023-24) has been exempted by the Italian Consulate Karachi, however the chances for the personal interview at Italian Consulate Karachi would be more probable to check candidates’ English proficiency, as compare to those candidates who would submit IELTS with at least the 5.5 to 6.0 bandwidth in every component in their academic IELTS certificate.

Beware and be very careful:  Please stay away from those consultants who claim that certain Italian Public Universities or Institutes are on their panel. No matter whatever those Universities’ ranking is, these universities or institutes don’t offer any commission to any educational consultants in any part of world.  However private universities and institutes in Italy do have overseas agents and they do offer commission to those overseas consultants / agents.  Please also make sure that the visa issuance ratio of any country, for any session or academic year, is always subject to uncertain and enormous fluctuation, either upwards or downwards, pertaining to the current social or economical circumstances of a country from where the student visa applicant is applying from.  Hence any Educational Consultants who guarantees that the visa is absolutely guaranteed is not a genuine educational consultants. 

Stern warning for non-serious or non-genuine students or any such type of visa candidates.

Euro Educational Consultants always strive harder to make sure that we do not fall short to provide the necessary information the candidates needs for different countries we extend our services for.

While and although morally, we do not expect all of our query candidates to get registered with us against their will, however we strictly and firmly expect candidates to abide by their appointments and always inform us at least 3-5 hours in prior if they want us to either cancel or postpone their appointments due to any unforeseen circumstances.   

Failing to offer such courtesy from their part would ultimately lead us to declare them as non-genuine or non-serious candidates.  This  unfortunately, in turn, would lead us not to entertain them for any further appointments in the future.

Please note that at Euro Education, we take follow-ups on missing visa queries only and do not motivate our staff for unnecessary follow-ups once a visitor has initiated his / her first appointment.

Caution:   Since it is a well known fact that Italy is the most demanding destination for international students all over the world, therefore the candidates who specially possess CGPA equal to or above 2.7 must start applying for different disciplines in Master degrees to the Public Universities by now as the final closing deadline for several Public Universities is June 05 2021.

Planning to see your studies abroad? following degree courses from Italia is style to boost the education of international students in various domains particularly finances, engineering medication, marketing. The peer-to-peer education totally differentiates different degree programs from usual educational activity degree programs. Abroad study could be a prodigious choice and outstanding choice to produce opportunities. Study in Italia is one among the premium decisions of all international aspirants as Italia ranks in variety seventh in gross domestic productivity and on variety seventeenth in human development index across the world. educational activity from prime notch university will facilitate students in turning into well graduated not only in one domain however over one domain. There square measure multiple jobs for Italia graduates like money manager, doctor, applied scientist and host of other professions thus leading to the permanent residence in Italy. 

Education system in Italy

The University of Bologna is one of the oldest universities in Italy since 1088. During middle age Italy is known for some of oldest universities. Italy played a fundamental role in reforming of higher education and the reform came to be known as Bologna Process.

In present age bologna process is followed in whole Europe. The universities in Italy are divided into numerous types such as state universities, publicly funded universities and private universities.

There are total of 137 higher education universities in Italy. Italy has various level of education such as bachelors, masters, and post graduate.

Post-Study Immigration in Italy … the best of bests:

Italy is the excellent country and firmly regarded second to none to opt for student visa specially when it comes to post-study immigration as Italy is among the very few Schengen states which has got a very lenient, extremely liberal and well-reformed immigration system for foreign students from all over the world including third-world countries.   This is because the Italian society and their multi-cultural social system which is one of the friendliest has a full capacity to absorb foreigners from all over the world regardless of race, religion or creed.

Unlike Austria, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Germany, France, Ireland, Luxemburg, New-Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, UK or USA etc. the Italian Public Immigration System works in a close coordination with Italian Educational System by providing a national framework of competence to which nearly all Government (Public) or Semi-Government institutions attain their standard of academic or professional qualifications so that after the completion of their Education, these institutions work in a close coordination with the deserving foreign student in order to make sure that they get their resident / work permits within short span of time and it goes for renewal after every two years or so following the completion of their studies and according to their future job contracts.

Why study in Italy?

There are numerous places to go and visit for students moreover the food in Italy is considered as one of the greatest foods and international students can enjoy food in restaurants. Students can also explore Italy as it is the fashion capital of world. Besides these things the cost of studying in Italy is very economical and medium of teaching in most of universities is English.

How to apply?

The process for studying in Italy is very simple steps are shown below:

  1. Search for study program which you want to study.
  2. Be aware of the fact that you are meeting all the requirements.
  3. Try to acquire and learn the Italian language.
  4. Check financial resources.
  5. Apply for admission accordingly.
  6. Obtain Italian student visa.
  7. Search for accommodation.
  8. Candidate can then enroll in the particular university.

-: FAQS: –

Why learn Italian language?

Studying Italian language is not mandatory for applying for study in Italy this is because most of degree programs are taught in English. While it is advised to learn basic Italian as it will be very effective in communication and in interaction with others student can build better network and connection among locals. Specially for students when it comes to finding part time jobs.

Health insurance for overseas students.

It is important to have health insurance. For non-EU/EEA students they must go for health and travel insurance before arriving in Italy. For EU/EAA students they must request their health insurance card from their home town.

Is Italian student visa necessary?

Students from EU/EEA are not required to have Italian student visa they only have to show national identity and passport. For rest students there are two types of visa including type C and type D. type C is for short stay of 3 months while type D is for long stay for more than 3 months.

Requirement of Italian student visa?

The fees of visa is almost 80 Euros which is non-refundable. With visa resident permit is also required with complete filled and signed visa form. Some other things are also including such as valid national passport with two photocopies and 3 passport size photos.

Cost of living?

Italy is cost efficient for students. The tuition fee is lowest ever as compare to other Schengen States, specially when it comes to publicly funded / state universities (From Euro 1,000 to 1,500 per year). Students can spend a month having around 700-800 euros at maximum. Moreover, the cost will depend on the lifestyle of students as it could be a bit lesser as what has been mentioned here.

What is Italian culture?

Italians are welcoming people by nature it will be easy for international student to make friends easily and quickly. English is not frequently spoken in Italy. They enjoy their local festivals enjoy food and their night life is full of joy in summer most of Italians go to sea they are sure to add value to life of local or foreign students.

Why choose Italy as a best Schengen state for higher studies?

  • Italy student visa rejection rate; Lowest for Pakistani students specially from Sindh and Baluchistan region.
  • Italy visa success rate; Highest and  above 90% or above for Pakistani students as compare to any other Schengen states, Australia, Canada, UK, USA etc.
  • Upon availability of one year multiple entry student visa, both options for either online study in home country or psychical entry in Italy are available.
  • Full scholarships are widely available with HSC / D.A.E above 60% or 4 years graduate with min 2.6 CGPA or above.
  • Italy student visa interview questions; Generally there are less chances for interview call. But we can prepare for an interview prior to any interview call.
  • Admissions slots in Public University now currently open for September 2024 intake.
  • Schengen multiple-entry student visa valid for 27 European Union countries.
  • Study in Italy in English language medium in most of the public / state universities.
  • Study without IELTS (for Sindh / Baluchistan region only) provided that the Italian university doesn’t require it.
  • Italy student visa financial requirement; Please contact us at Euro.
  • Italy student visa fee for Pakistani student; It was Pak Rs. 27,000 for the year 2023.
  • Very very economical for studies at public / state universities.
  • Italy student visa checklist: Please go to VFS global Pakistan website.
  • Visa is issued from Italian consulate Karachi (without interviews) / Italian embassy in Islamabad.
  • Full chances to an immigration route after the completion of studies to live and work in Schengen area forever.
  • Italy student visa work permit; Work allowed part time (20 hrs./week) and full time during seasonal holidays.
  • Pay very reasonable fee waiver every year even without scholarships.
  • Intermediates /D.A.E (min 60% +) O&A-levels can also apply for 3 years Bachelor degree.
  • 4 years graduates (or 2-years bachelors + 2 years masters with 60%) can apply for  2 years  masters courses in Italy.
  • Age limit and educational gaps are according to the previous qualifications only.
  • Initial admission process begins now from November 01 2023 for September 2024 intake.
  • Intermediate / O & A-levels pre-medical students for medicine and surgery can also apply for Italy.
  • Initial deadline for admissions is November 01, 2023 thru Feb 30, 2024 for September 2024 intake.
  • Students are requested to start their registration procedure with us at their earliest convenience because of detailed documentation process.
  • We shall give you legal and proper guidance on specially financial sponsorship and funding issues.
  • Italy Student visa requirement from Pakistan; Please contact us at Euro or leave a message at WhatsApp to call +923332258923 .

For further or brief information, kindly contact us via cell or telephone 00 92 333 2225 8923 / WhatsApp as well.
Please leave a brief voice message to call on WhatsApp if call is not answered.

For detailed information, kindly visit our office with appointment.

Only serious Intermediate / D.A.E / O & A-levels applicants should visit our office only with their parents / guardians.

For graduate applicants applying for master degree, kindly email your CV to info@euroconst.com
Only serious and no “walk-in” clients are entertained with telephonic appointment.

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