Study PhD Program in New Zealand

Study PhD in New Zealand

A corridor to permanent family residency

Salient Features:

Quicken Your Journey to Success with a New Zealand PhD:

Matchless Affordability: Experience the amazing opportunity to pay local tuition fees, irrespective of your nationality or country of origin. Acquire top-class education at an amazingly low price.

No Conventional Coursework; Only Research: Dive directly into your thesis with a methodically crafted research-based approach. Say goodbye to old-style classes and coursework, and engage yourself completely in research excellence.

Capitalize on Your Earning Potential: Grab the opportunity to work unrestricted hours while pursuing your PhD, enabling yourself to increase your income and accelerate your post-doctoral ambitions.

Build a Prosperous Family Life: Embrace a congenial environment where your partner can pursue full-time permanent employment, while your kids access free education, adopting a rich and satisfying family life in the lively setting of New Zealand.

Unlock Your Research Capabilities: Accomplish your academic objectives with a PhD program that offers matchless support and resources, custom-made to drive you towards your goals.

Required Eligibility:

* Minimum 17 years of education.

* 6 Credit Hours of Dissertation / Publish or Unpublished Research Papers

* A grade of B+ or above according to your local university grade-table criteria.

*  To qualify for partial to full scholarship, an over all grade of A to A+ is needed.

Please note that in partial scholarship, only the tuition fee for three years duration is waved. Whereas in full scholarship, there is a full tuition fee waiver plus the main applicant doesn’t need to show the bank statement as a part of visa processing supporting documents.


Kindly submit the following documents for fee assessment to:

  1. Your updated CV.

  2. Your Final Marksheet from your last qualification with your local university’s grade-table.

  3. Your published or unpublished thesis or dissertation.

For further info, please contact us by filling the Enquiry Form given on Contact us menu bar.


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