Work in Malaysia:


Existing in the Far-East near the strait of Malacca, Malaysia financially is regarded as one of the powerful and ever boosting economies of South-East Asia.   The main sources of income, among others, are Malaysia’s thriving international tourism.   With an annual per capita average income of US$ 13,034 or US$ 1,086 per month average income as compared to only US$ 125.00 per month income in Pakistan, Malaysia is also regarded as an Asian-Tiger.

Work in Malaysia for different Blue Collar jobs .

Facilities provided: Accommodation, Medical, Meal during work and Transportation.

Minimum Qualifications: Matric or Intermediate with any grade is acceptable.

Salary: Appropriate with over-time wherever or if applicable.

Age: Above 20 and under 40.

Experience: Required but not essential.

Please contact us for an appointment, to obtain the further information,  at: 03333789945, 03112798163 and 03128806563.

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