Welcome to Euro Educational Consultants, Karachi, Pakistan.  We are now the only educational consultants in entire Pakistan to have both City & Guilds International UK and British Council Agents Certification. For further verification click the following links.







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(Including 4% UK Visa Fee Increment from April 06, 2014. See UKBA Updates)






We are still receiving enormous number of telephone queries from people who are being refused for UK visit visas to this day and want to Appeal vs. their visit visa refusals.  We are sorry to inform them that the right of appeal has been abolished by UKBA since June 2013.  However there are other alternative routes to apply against the UK visit visa refusal. (<< Click here for further details)




UK Universities, Specially Highly-Trusted and A-Rated Colleges are on the course  to  financial disaster. Thanks to UK Prime Minister David Cameroon Government's Racial Immigration Policies.


Since 2011 until today, almost 50% students from India & 49% students from Pakistan have decided not to opt for UK to go for Higher Studies amid extremely hostile immigration environment in UK.


While the the education institutes in Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Cyprus, Malaysia, Singapore, USA etc. keep on thriving on foreign students, UK now considered to be the most unstable, unpredictable and hostile student visa regime in the world.


"Indian & Pakistani Students are not welcome ..." A clear "read-between-the-lines" message from David Cameroon Government.

(For more news:  Click here 4 # 01 Click here 4 # 02  &  Click here 4 # 03)






Net UKBA Approved Sponsors / Universities / Colleges in UK  = 1,684


Highly Trusted (Premium) / (H.E.I s) / Sponsors in UK  = 152+

These are Category "A" Institutes (Universities & Colleges) and the only ones allowed by UKBA to offer work placements to the foreign students in UK on their own for 10 to 20 hours / week. The visa issuance ratio for these institutes is 30% to 70% only.


Highly Trusted Colleges / Sponsors in UK= 1,367

These are Category "B" Institutes / Colleges not allowed by UKBA to offer work placement to the foreign students on their own in UK provided that the Tier-4 applicants are coming from Non-EU areas. However, they can offer a CAS letter for NQF Level 6 or 7 courses with work rights on the letterhead of an H.E.I whom they are officially affiliated with. The visa issuance ratio for these institutes is 15% to 30% only.


A-Rated Colleges / Sponsors in UK= 152

These are Category "C" Institutes not allowed by UKBA to offer work placement in UK at all.  They are also defined as "Cheap" & "Mediocre" Institutes by UKBA officials, such as visa officers, off-record.  Tier-4 applicants are strongly advised to think at least a 100 times before applying by paying tuition fee in advance to these type of institutes since their future existence is not guaranteed by UKBA at any given stage and most of them may be de-listed anytime by UKBA.  Once de-listed, these institutes hardly refund the tuition fee to the foreign or regional students and the irony is that the UKBA does not feel morally or legally responsible to press these institutes to pay the refunds.  So worst is the visa issuance ratio for these institutes which is 10% to 15% only.


Legacy Institutes / Sponsors  in UK    = 10

Legacy Sponsor can neither intake new incoming Tier-4 Applicants nor they can issue the CAS letter to them since they fail to meet terms and conditions by UKBA to become future qualified sponsors.  Only existing students can continue to study until they finish their course or the existing sponsor's license expires.


For further info on UKBA approved sponsors:  (<< Click Here)



Limited Work Permits are now available  to work in Poland with two years multiple Schengen visa leading further to permanent residency. Minimum academic qualification is  Matriculation with maximum age limit of 35 years.  Experience required but not necessary. For more details, contact us at Euro Consultants.



UKBA: Mandatory Online Interview via Skype introduced in Pakistan for all types of Fresh / First time UK Visit Visa Applicants, from March 24, 2014, who have never been to UK since last 10 years or so.

From 24 March 2014 all type of fresh / first time visit visa applicants for the UK  must appear for an online mandatory visit visa interview via Skype at all FedEx UK Visa Centers  in Pakistan. These interviews may only be aimed at selective / random visa applicants. For further information, please contact Euro Education Consultants.

Study in European Cyprus (Click here for more info)
Hotel Management with Paid Internship & Business Administration Diploma / Degree Courses are also available



But be very careful for if you are NEW to this application system. 



UKBA: Mandatory Online Payment System with an online FedEx Appointments  introduced in Pakistan for all types of UK Visa Applications from the end of March, 2014.

From the end of March, 2014 all applications for a UK visa must be completed and paid for using the new online application, FedEx appointment and payment system before going to Gerry’s. From this date (FedEx) appointments to submit applications will only be accepted when the online application form and payment is complete.

Payment will be in GBP (Pounds Sterling) and can be made online using Visa or MasterCard debit or credit cards or e-wallet (for more information, visit www.skrill.com).

If you intend to travel on a work, study or settlement visa, you can ask your UK sponsor to make the online payment on your behalf. If you are applying for visit visas you can also ask a travel agent to pay for the visa application as part of a package when booking flights and/or accommodation.

Please ensure that any visa agent or immigration advisor you use is reputable.


For further help, please call us at Euro





Euro Education is one of the leading Foreign Education Consultants in Karachi Pakistan specializing Student Visa and Career Counseling. Having over 15 years of experience, they have enormous expertise in the field of UK / Cyprus / USA visa application processing, counseling and interview preparation in British Accent.

At Euro, we firmly believe that correct and systematic counseling along with evaluation and preparation is the key to success. All prospective candidates who meet us for the first time are invited for an half an hour of detailed briefing free of charge.



There was a time when claiming 40 points in total for a Tier-4 visa applicant was regarded a key to an absolute assurance for their visa.  But now even if you have got 40 points does not mean that your student visa is assured. Always remember that more than anything to begin with ... a visa interview now a days holds an utmost importance and 50% of your case is assessed by the visa officer through your detailed interview preparation in determining the fact as to whether a student is really genuine or not and that is why they take your interview not once but twice. First at FedEx after the submission of documents and then finally at BHC Islamabad.

For further information and details on Tier-4 student visa interview preparation in pure British Accent, contact us via cell / phone or email us at: info@euroconst.com or consultants.euro@gmail.com


LAST UPDATED : 16/04/2014


Why Study in UK?

The educational standard in UK is higher and regarded both competitive and compatible as far as any other country in the world is concerned.

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Proposal on the table for removing the full rights of appeal for the family visitors in certain far relationship categories beginning July 2012.

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