Educational Visa

We provide consultancy service for educational visas of UK, USA, Cyprus, Spain and Turkey with the preparation of mock interviews for UK and US student visas cases.


Other than helping in overseas education visas cases, we also provide assistance in Canadian and UK Immigration.

Appeal & Reviews

We provide assistance on Appeals and Reviews vs. UK, US and Schengen visa refusals in visit, student and settlement visa categories.

We are now the only Educational Consultants in Pakistan to have both City & Guilds UK and British Council Agents Certification (2015-2016).

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No UK Tier-4 student visas are being issued in pakistan on loan letters / running finance (r.f.) anymore

Canada is ready to announce friendly visa reforms in student / immigration categories under new government (Courtesy: CANADIM) For further details: ======> Click here

Families in UK / other countries abroad:
Get your UK spouse visa case processed within just 30 working days:

If you wish to contact us for any assistance on visa matters for your loved ones living in Pakistan. Please contact us through your WhatsApp and Viber at 00 92 333 225 8923 or at 00 92 33 222 12642 for ESOL / IESOL English Language Qualifications for the UK Settlement (Spouse) urgent visa processing in just 30 working days. / Tier-1 Entrepreneur / Tier-4 Student Visa categories from 11:00am through 10:00pm (P.S.T). You can also drop messages for our response through Viber.

Good news for Tier-1, Tier2, Tier-4 & Tier-5 refused visa applicants. beginning April 06 2015, all the administrative reviews on the above mentioned visa point based system categories would be processed by the UKBF home office at Sheffield in UK instead of local UK embassies abroad for the sake of transparency. Please wait for further details to come and for further confirmation (06-10-2015)

New unannounced shocking and dangerously alarming policy of UKBF for Pakistani visa applicants: “Refuse most of all those family visit visa applicants who previously were granted visas on appeals even if they did abide by the immigration rules as far as temporary leave to remain in the UK is concerned”. >>>Click Here

UKBF further toughens Tier-4 visa regime from august 2015 and onward >>> Click Here

Good news for candidates seeking A1 & B1 English language qualifications.
Beginning April 06, 2015, UKBF approves new & easier IELTS test versions as SELT (Secured English Language Test) : Go to IELTS menu or click here on IELTS link for details)

With PM David Cameroon back in the government, the chaos and panic continue to haunt international education sector, more than ever, in the UK as the income from international students takes a full nose dive from a record £ 45 billion in 2009 to mere £ 7 billion in 2015. Click here for further news. (Courtesy: ICEF Monitor / 13-05-2015)

The UK government has announced a series of amendments to its immigration rules, Most of the changes will begin to come into effect in April 2015. Click here for details.