Study in USA

Study in USA:

Please also make sure that the visa issuance ratio of any country, for any session or academic year, is always subject to uncertain and enormous fluctuation, either upwards or downwards, pertaining to the current social or economical circumstances of a country from where the student visa applicant is applying from.  Hence any Educational Consultants who guarantees that the visa is absolutely guaranteed is not a genuine educational consultants. 

Stern warning for non-serious or non-genuine students or any such type of visa candidates.

Euro Educational Consultants always strive harder to make sure that we do not fall short to provide the necessary information the candidates needs for different countries we extend our services for.

While and although morally, we do not expect all of our query candidates to get registered with us against their will, however we strictly and firmly expect candidates to abide by their appointments and always inform us at least 3-5 hours in prior if they want us to either cancel or postpone their appointments due to any unforeseen circumstances.   

Failing to offer such courtesy from their part would ultimately lead us to declare them as non-genuine or non-serious candidates.  This  unfortunately, in turn, would lead us not to entertain them for any further appointments in the future.

Please note that at Euro Education, we take follow-ups on missing visa queries only and do not motivate our staff for unnecessary follow-ups once a visitor has initiated his / her first appointment.

Studying in USA from Pakistan:

When it comes to the reputation, distinction and utmost fame blended with international educational standards; USA indeed stands on one side where the rest of the world stands on the other. Whether they are local or foreign students from any part of the world, US simply provides them all by offering state of the art faculty and research labs and the unmatched quality education environment.  Therefore USA still remains one of the top most destination for the students from Pakistan.  Another best way to study in USA from Pakistan is through distant or online learning.  This facility has been provided even by the top most accredited US universities in the world.

Minimum requirement for either  “O”  levels qualified  candidate to get admission directly into an undergraduate program without any foundation course in USA on F1 non-immigrant student status visa are:

Minimum of 5 C grades along with maximum one D grade could be adjusted in “O” levels.

Minimum of C plus to B grade i.e. 55% to 60%  is required in intermediate with same condition for IELTS as mentioned below to get admission directly into an undergraduate program and F1 non-immigrant student status visa

An Academic IELTS with with over all minimum 6.0 bandwidth with minimum of 6 bands in Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking components.

A minimum of amount of Pakistani Rupees in equivalent of USD 45,000 to USD 50,000 of saving or current bank account are required on the parent’s or guardian’s name (Elder brother or elder sister ).  the bank statement or fix deposit for one month is more than enough.

A minimum of USD 20,000 to USD 22,000 is required to pay the tuition fee for one year for an undergraduate student.

Study in USA with Scholarship:

Top-Tier Universities in USA with Scholarships is a vision of every other student in Pakistan and therefore every second or third student wants to study in the USA because of the universities there offering four dimensional and quality education which is next to none in any part of the world.  One can study in in USA with full time scholarship provided that the students ought to have at least 4.0 on CGPA on 4.0 scale throughout their entire academic career or A plus according to Pakistani standards.

Top Foreign students Scholarship programs for UK and USA (Courtesy: Scholarships for Development) =====> Click Here

Study in USA for free:

Needless to say but there is nothing like so called “free-study” in USA or any country such as that.  Those candidates or students willing to live and study in USA should know that fulfilling and maintaining the budget even for a mediocre institution in Australia, Canada, UK, USA or elsewhere is not that easy to begin with.

Study in USA Cost:

With minimum tuition fee of  US$ 500 per Credit Card hour, a minimum of 12 credit hours per semester are required for a foreign students to study full time undergraduate course and min US$ 700 per Credit Card hour for post graduate or masters course.   Hence a minimum of US$ 6,000 are required per semester to complete 8 semesters for undergraduate and US$ 8,400 are required per semester for post graduate or masters  to complete 2-3 semesters for their studies.

Work and Study in USA:

For a foreign students, work is automatically allowed on campus but one has to apply for provisional work permit for a 20 hours / week part time to work off campus.

Study in USA as an undergraduate student after either “O”  Levels:

“O” level students are welcome to enter directly into an undergraduate programs to certain accredited universities in the USA, however a matriculate candidate is not admitted directly to an undergraduate programs as minimum qualification required is “O” / As Levels / HSC / Intermediate / 12th Grade to be admitted directly to an undergraduate programs in USA.

Study in USA without IELTS:

Although some accredited universities in the USA do offer I-20 admission letter without IELTS based on their credibility test or Interview, however in order to be a genuine candidate, IELTS should be taken. (We will guide you)

At Euro Educational Consultants, we serve you better than anyone as far as the student visa for USA is concerned with the best ever and professional counselling provided along with interview preparation in American accent and the highest visa ratio.


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