UK Visa Refusal from Pakistan

Categories of UK visa refusal from Pakistan:

We deal in the following Categories:

a) UK visit Visa refusal from Pakistan

b) UK spouse Visa refusal from Pakistan (settlement visa category)

c) UK family visit Visa refusal from Pakistan

d) UK student Visa refusal from Pakistan (Tier-4/PBS Category)

e) UK work Visa refusal from Pakistan (Tier-2-Tier 5/PBS Category)

f)  UK Entrepreneur Visa refusal from Pakistan (Tier-1/PBS Category)

Frequently Asked Questions for UK visa refusal: (F.A.Qs)

1. What is a UK Visa Refusal Letter ?

Ans: A visa refusal letter  is given to a visa applicant in case he /she is refused or rejected for a visa he / she has applied for.  For a complete overview of refusals as to how do they look … see the copy pasted objections as depicted below:

2. If you are refused then how to apply after refusal ?

Ans: Well, if the visa applicant has a right of appeal or administrative review within a prescribed deadline (say 28 days in case of the UKBA point base system/PBS or a spouse/settlement visa) after his / her visa refusal.  Otherwise the only option is to file a review application along with fresh visa application with all the explanations asked for along with all the evidences and the argument there in.  this process is also referred to as “UK visa refusal Appeal or Reapply” as a fresh case.

3. If not UK visa refusal appeal anymore then how to apply without appeal?

Ans: See the the answer to the above mentioned question in reply to query # 02.

4. What if UK refusal letter is lost ?

Loosing any visa refusal letter, no matter whichever country it belongs to, is something that would be regarded as highly regrettable because somewhere in the near future; should you opt to reapply again then that refusal letter would be needed to address the grounds of refusals.  Although recovering a refusal letter is a bit lengthy process, we can help you in this regard.  If you have been refused for a UK visa in any category for than ten years, you would not need a refusal letter to address the grounds of refusal if you want to apply for the fresh UK visa in any category.

Appeal vs. UK Visa Refusal:

Famous “Copy/Paste” objections for student visa refusals (Click here)
(Tier-4 Point Based System)

Famous “Copy/Paste” objections for visit / other visas refusals (Click here)

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Last updated: 02/10/2018